Nico Deblauwe


Nico has a PhD in Telecom Engineering and over 12 years of experience in web development. He has an innovation and entrepreneurial mindset, a firm academic background and lots of hands-on web development experience. Currently Nico combines a part-time involvement at VLAIO, the Flemish (BE) Innovation Agency, with freelance jobs and a professorship at Harbour.Space University.

Nico focuses on state-of-the art real-world applications (ranging from small websites over in-house tools to multi-tenant platforms) that put the user first and are a breeze to maintain as a developer. As a lecturer he teaches the core topics of web development to Bacheler students in 3 different courses:

Nico's favourite stack contains Laravel/Php, MySQL and Tailwind; supplemented with whatever other technology that is needed to get a job done.